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What food can I pre-prep on the weekend for school lunches?

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My neighbour is back to work after being home with her kids for a few years and is keen to do some school lunch prep on weekends. With the rising cost of food she’s looking to avoid food waste too – a smart way to keep the family food budget in check. So I came up with a list of foods …

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5 Ways to work oats into school lunches

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 Why do we have to buy this wheaty bird seed bread? Meet my son. You might expect a dietitian’s kid to love everything whole grain well, no. That can be bit of a worry when heart disease, cancer and diabetes run in our family and I know eating whole grains protects against those diseases and keeps kids’ bowel function in …

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5 Surprising things to know about oats – Quiz!

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Get the most out of your oats. Do you know how? The tips offered in this quiz might surprise you. Oats have about the same antioxidant activity as broccoli. T/F? TRUE: And why does that matter? A diet rich in antioxidants slashes our risk for cancer, heart disease and diabetes by protecting our cells from damage caused by pollution and more. …