spicy black bean and pepper salsa

Spicy Black Bean and Pepper Salsa

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The Canadian Produce Marketing Association (Half Your Plate folks) hired me to work on a recipe and video series and I’m delighted to share it here with you! Fresh homemade salsa beats the jarred stuff hands down and only takes about 10 minutes to make. You can easily double this recipe and use it over the next 3 days with nachos or …

Fruit salsa with cinnamon crisps

Fruit Salsa With Cinnamon Crisps

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Talk about a better-for-you yummy treat for school lunches! I’ll give a container of fruit salsa to my kids and say, ” Close your eyes. Smell it. Take it all in. It’s fragrant. Now try it. The fruit is juicy and sweet. Oh it’s glorious.” They’ll usually reply with some variation of you’re weird mom but I press on encouraging …

It’s easy to make signature burgers at home once you know a few basics. These bacon cheeseburgers take all the flavour inside so they are delicious from the inside out and easy to manage on the grill.

Bacon Infused Cheeseburgers with Market Fresh Salsa

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Moist and full of flavour, homemade burgers beat frozen patties every time.  I like that I can control the portion too. Some frozen burgers are too large for an adult, never mind a kid! I want to eat more than just a burger for my meal. Big burgers need big buns, and big buns need more salt-rich condiments…forget it! Give me a …