Simmering/stewing or braising is all the same - a fabulous way to bring out tenderness and remarkable flavours from some of the less tender cuts of beef. Prep is simple and cooking is hands-off. Make with Beef Short Ribs or Simmering Steak such as Blade, Cross Rib or Brisket, or Stewing Beef Cubes or Shank.

Bulgogi-style Braised Beef with Skillet Baby Bok Choy

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Bulgogi-style Korean beef leftovers make a great lunch, OK even breakfast if you ask my daughter who regularly heats up dinner leftovers for breakfast. If you want to re-purpose leftovers into something new, check out the chop suey idea here. Heads up: braising brings out the terrific beef flavour but takes some time so this recipe works best on weekends. …