Big Batch Beef
Recipe type: Big Batch Cooking
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Serves: 10 cups (2.5 L)
Kids Cook! Get your kids involved in the kitchen by having them help out with this recipe. Here’s what they can do!* With this recipe, you might just have kids watch the process. The pungent odour from the onions and garlic may send your kids running anyway. But if they do stay, show them the process of cooking ground beef and teach them how identify when it's done.

Dietitian's tip: Iron is critical for brain development and without enough iron kids may feel tired, irritable and have trouble concentrating. Sure, plants like spinach have iron but it does not absorb as as well as iron from animal foods. Red meat is one of the richest sources of iron and it's in a form (heme iron) that's best absorbed by the body too. Take some time to brush up on your iron knowledge to ensure sure your child is getting enough.
  • 4 lb (2 kg) ground beef
  • 4 onions, minced
  • 4 garlic cloves, minced
  1. Cook ground beef in stockpot or Dutch oven, using medium-high heat for 9 to 10 minutes, breaking into small chunks with back of spoon until browned and completely cooked. Drain in colander. Return to pot and add onion and garlic; simmer uncovered for 12 or 15 minutes until vegetables are soft.
  2. Spread mixture in a single layer on several foil-lined baking trays; cover loosely with plastic wrap and freeze just until meat is firm (about 1 hour).
  3. Loosen frozen beef into small chunks; scoop meal-sized portions into freezer bags or sealable containers. Freeze for up to 3 months.
Time-saving tip:
Use a food processor to mince onion and garlic in a snap!

Lunch from leftovers
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Please Note
*All “Kid’s Cook!” ideas herein are meant as a guide only. You know what your child can safely manage. Make sure they know and understand your rules for working in the kitchen safely and always supervise kids in the kitchen.
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