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Dozen Deli-Meat Free Wrap Ideas

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You might wonder if being a dietitian I get into scraps with my hubby over food, of course we do.

Meet the odd couple.

Take processed meats for example. Sure, I love the smoky scent and the sizzle, hiss, pop of frying up bacon amidst the pine trees when we go camping but unlike my husband, I’ve mostly cut back on processed meats. Sausages, bacon, hot dogs, canned corned beef, lunch meats, yup, he loves them all.

I used to think he was too lazy to make something else besides slapping some ham between bread for lunches (to ensure enough time to check out the sport scores for the day!) but really he was just short on ideas.

And lots of parents ask me about that too. My kid likes sandwiches but if I can’t send peanut butter and we’re trying to limit processed meats what else can I put into a sandwich or wrap for lunches?

Sound familiar? These ideas may help.

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Nut-free Butter & Apple Wrap

Filler: Make it lunch add…
Wow (soy) Butter*

Apple slices


Swap apple for banana

Swap sunflower seed butter for Wow Butter



Grape tomato-chickpea salad

Cheese cubes with red grapes


*check to see if your school is OK with nut-free butters.




Beefy BBQ Wrap

Filler: Make it lunch add…
Leftover beef

BBQ sauce

Bagged coleslaw

Provolone cheese

Option: Swap coleslaw with sautéed veggies (peppers, mushrooms, onions)



Raw green beans & orange pepper strips with dip

Small apple






Bashed up Bean Wrap

Filler: Make it lunch add…
Spread: mash beans with avocado, add cumin, cilantro & squeeze of lime juice

Match stick carrots

Grated Monterey Jack cheese

Option: Swap beans with diced firm tofu


Edamame & pepper salad

Melon cubes with yogurt dip





Egg-cellent Egg Salad Wrap

Filler: Make it lunch add…
Egg salad

Shredded spinach

Option: add diced avocado

Red cabbage-carrot slaw

Small Pear


Beef’n’Bean Wrap

Filler: Make it lunch add….
Leftover beef

Baked beans

Grated cheese

Option: Swap baked beans for kidney beans, add frozen corn, cilantro, prepared salsa


Fruity Coleslaw






Super Salmon Wrap

Filler: Make it lunch add….
Salmon salad

Shredded lettuce

Grated carrots


Add curry and cilantro to mayo

Mix prepared Asian sauce with salmon


Cucumber & tomato salad

Apple slices dusted with cinnamon

Yogurt with granola





Happy Hummus Lunch

Filler: Make it lunch add..


Broccoli slaw

Option: Mix a spoonful of mashed sweet potato into hummus

Vegetable- bean soup in a thermos




Classic Caesar Wrap

Filler: Make it lunch add…
Diced chicken

Shredded romaine

Caesar salad dressing

Parmesan cheese

Option:Try a chicken parmesan wrap with arugula instead

Red grape & kiwi fruit salad

Cold leftover dinner vegetables





Chili Wrap

Filler: Make it lunch add….
Leftover chili

Grated cheese

Option: Add diced leftover sweet potato or butternut squash

Raw green beans

Carrot-apple-red cabbage slaw


Fruity Tuna Salad Wrap

Filler: Make it lunch add….
Add diced pineapple & grapes to tuna salad

Option:Try diced apple or pear in tuna salad.


Half a kiwi (remember the spoon)

Cheese cubes

Cold leftover dinner vegetables


Stir Fry Wrap

Filler: Make it lunch add….
Any stir fry (beef/tofu/turkey)

Avoid a soggy wrap:

Drain stir fry & “line”

tortilla wrap with lettuce

to act as a barrier.

Option: Add bean sprouts


Unsweetened canned fruit – add diced apples for crunch

Yogurt smoothie





Chicken-Apple Salad Wrap

Filler: Make it lunch add…
Add diced apple to chicken salad

Shredded romaine

Option: add curry powder to mayo


Carrot coins & cheese cubes





Please share your processed meat free wrap and sandwich ideas.

Chances are if your child likes it someone else might too!


Would love to hear from you!