What are some healthy snack ideas to pack with school lunches?

What are some healthy snack ideas to pack with school lunches?

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Kids are at school for about 7 hours so they need a healthy school lunch PLUS a snack, maybe two. My post on What makes a healthy snack? includes a snacking checklist covering off the basics and here I have some ideas to put that into action.

Dietitian’s tip: Here’s your homework! Print this snack list. Review it with your child and note:

  • Ideas they are willing to try;
  • Ideas they like;
  • Their favourites to add to this list.

Take these ideas as is or use them as inspiration.

  1. Peeled orange segments, cheddar cheese and whole grain cracker “sandwich”
  2. Small pear, handful of sunflower seeds
  3. Mini homemade fruit muffin, carrot sticks
  4. Mini whole wheat pitas stuffed with hummus, celery sticks
  5. Roasted chickpeas, nectarine
  6. Layer bean dip/salsa/shredded cheese, pita wedges and pepper strips
  7. Thread grape tomatoes and bocconcini cheese on coffee stir sticks
  8. Melba toast with salmon/tuna/egg salad, pear slices
  9. Celery sticks filled with hummus, cheese cubes
  10. Bean and cheese quesadilla, grapes
  11. Egg salad pinwheels, cubes of watermelon
  12. Plain Greek yogurt mixed with frozen berries, dry whole grain cereal
  13. Leftover French toast cut into quarters, pieces of cantaloupe
  14. Cold baked beans, whole wheat melba toast, pepper strips
  15. Half a cheese sandwich, cucumber and carrot coins

Note: My preference is always to send water to drink.

For less sugar and more fibre, kids should eat their fruit, not drink it.

What are your child’s favourite snacks to eat at school? Share your ideas here. The more the better!

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