Tutti Frutti School Lunch Salad

Tutti Frutti School Lunch Salad

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Are you good at coming up with snappy fun names? Because “day neutral strawberries” just doesn’t cut it for me. Yes of course I’m thankful that now in Ontario and maybe where you live too we have berries that grow May-October much longer than the, June-July-eat-your-weight-in-strawberries-before-it’s-gone season, I knew as a kid. But “day neutral”? As long as the temperatures …

Rotisserie Roast Beef is the easiest way to serve beef from the barbecue when you've got a crowd, whether cooking on a rotisserie or by indirect heat instead. You can use any Rotisserie Roast: Top Sirloin, Sirloin Tip, Outside or Inside Round, Cross Rib or boneless Prime Rib.

Beer-Soaked Beef Rotisserie Roast with Skillet Corn and Kale Salad

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Making a bigger roast ensures you’ll have leftovers for lunch. It takes no extra work and leaves you with lots of meal options. If you know you won’t use leftover roast beef within 2-3 days you can freeze it for up to 2 months for a head start on enchiladas or chili. Beer-Soaked Beef Rotisserie Roast   Save Print Prep …