Barley spring rolls for school lunches

5 ways to work barley into school lunches

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Photo credit: GoBarley Barley in school lunches? Why not! Kids generally like barley’s chewy texture and nutty taste but if you have a reluctant barley lover just keep serving it in new and different ways and trust that in time they’ll come around. Barley takes a good 40 minutes to cook so for speedy school lunches I like to make …

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Sweet Potato Apple Lunch Box Mookies

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Yup a mookie would be a muffin-cookie and with loads of better-for-you options like lemon-raspberry, banana-blueberry or pineapple-carrot, I think we are on to something! Aren’t we all looking for ways to get kids to try new foods at lunch? OK fine, they are really like mini pancakes but mookie sounds way more fun! And because you drop dollops of …