Trout sheet pan dinner with lunch leftovers

Dinner with enough leftovers for lunches- Speedy sheet pan trout dinner

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Trout dinner leftovers make a knock-out-of-the-park lunch! How can you easily get your recommended minimum two servings of fish per week? Make extra fish at dinner so you’ll have leftovers for lunch. Loaded with protein, vitamin D and omega-3 fats, trout makes a delicious and healthy lunch. Try trout in a: Grain bowl               …

school lunch fruit kabobs

School lunch power bars 3 ways

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Store-bought granola bars are convenient for school lunches but… I wanted something more nutritious and frankly better tasting for my kids. Sure there are ways to make better granola bar choices (How to choose a better granola bar) but they are not an everyday food at our house. These lunch bars pack in 1 1/2 cups of grated carrot and …

child eating a carrot for lunch

5 Surprising things to know about carrots – Quiz!

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Get the most out of your carrots. Do you know how? The tips offered in this quiz might surprise you.         You get more beta-carotene from raw carrots than cooked carrots. T/F? FALSE. Cooked carrots provide about 20% more beta-carotene than raw carrots. PLUS, adding some fat to your cooking helps your body to absorb the beta-carotene …

ingredients for carrot soup

50 Cent carrot lentil soup

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Who says healthy eating has to cost a lot of money? That’s what I said with a smile to the young cashier as she gave me a blank stare back and rang up the two pound bag of carrots that were on sale for 88 cents (deal huh!). My kids weren’t with me but I could hear their embarrassed voices ringing …

Healthy school lunch

Sweet Potato Apple Lunch Box Mookies

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Yup a mookie would be a muffin-cookie and with loads of better-for-you options like lemon-raspberry, banana-blueberry or pineapple-carrot, I think we are on to something! Aren’t we all looking for ways to get kids to try new foods at lunch? OK fine, they are really like mini pancakes but mookie sounds way more fun! And because you drop dollops of …

healthy school fundraiser, boy eating carrot

A healthy approach to school fundraising: Fresh From the Farm

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Can you remember the paraphernalia you peddled for school fundraisers? Were chocolate almonds one of them? I bet you sold them and didn’t eat them like my brother-in-law. Over the two weeks he should have been selling, he was eating. To avoid his mom’s wrath, he stuffed the boxes with acorns, resealed them and sent them back to school. Serves …