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Help your kids take their cooking skills to the next level! No reminders here why we need to get kids into the kitchen to help cook just recipes to help get that process started! Best of all many of these recipes will be winners for healthy school lunches. After all, dinner leftovers make great lunches. Get your kids craving healthy …

Tuscan Beef Kabobs with Quinoa Tabouleh

Tuscan Beef Kebobs with Quinoa Tabouli

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Catch me making this July 5th on CTV news at noon in Kitchener! The Canadian Meat Council is sponsoring me to go on TV to cook this awesome recipe ( I picked it!) and talk protein.  So what’s worth sharing? Don’t skimp on protein folks! On average Canadians eat on the low end of what’s recommended for protein AND emerging …

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What food can I pre-prep on the weekend for school lunches?

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My neighbour is back to work after being home with her kids for a few years and is keen to do some school lunch prep on weekends. With the rising cost of food she’s looking to avoid food waste too – a smart way to keep the family food budget in check. So I came up with a list of foods …

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5 genius ways to eat well & save on groceries

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  I grabbed the nearest tea towel to scrub my tongue then back to swishing and spitting, my head under the kitchen faucet in a sink full of dishes. My body was telling me, way to go you’ve hit the eject button, get ready to hurl. As I recall this story to my teenage daughter she bursts out laughing. I can’t …

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No deli meats? What does the Cancer Research Review of Red Meat and Processed Meats mean for school lunches?

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Did the news coverage of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) Review of Red Meat and Processed Meats that strung words together like tobacco, cancer, processed meats and asbestos leave you a little freaked out about what to pack for school lunches? It’s not all bad news. After reviewing over 800 studies, the IARC report points to what I …

Asian Noodle and Meatball Soup for healthy school lunches

Asian Noodle and Meatball Soup

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Soup can pack a lot of nutrition, perfect for the lightening speed my daughter needs to eat lunch at school. This speedy soup gets a head start by using healthy convenience foods: homemade frozen meatballs; bagged broccoli slaw; and sliced mushrooms. Use it as is or make it your own see, 5 tips to make a hearty and healthy soup. …