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It’s Time to Brag About Ag

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It’s Time to Brag About Agriculture For years, I could get by quite well as a dietitian knowing the why’s and how-to’s for healthy eating. But times have changed. Even after I’ve clocked in a full day’s work, my kids put me to the test by asking challenging questions around the dinner table about factory farming. Or they’ll question if …

Trout sheet pan dinner with lunch leftovers

Dinner with enough leftovers for lunches- Speedy sheet pan trout dinner

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Trout dinner leftovers make a knock-out-of-the-park lunch! How can you easily get your recommended minimum two servings of fish per week? Make extra fish at dinner so you’ll have leftovers for lunch. Loaded with protein, vitamin D and omega-3 fats, trout makes a delicious and healthy lunch. Try trout in a: Grain bowl               …

Barley spring rolls for school lunches

5 ways to work barley into school lunches

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Photo credit: GoBarley Barley in school lunches? Why not! Kids generally like barley’s chewy texture and nutty taste but if you have a reluctant barley lover just keep serving it in new and different ways and trust that in time they’ll come around. Barley takes a good 40 minutes to cook so for speedy school lunches I like to make …


5 Surprising things to know about barley – Quiz!

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Get the most out of your barley. Do you know how? The tips offered in this quiz might surprise you. Compared to other grains, barley is the richest source of heart-healthy fibre. T/F? TRUE:  A half cup of cooked barley provides 60% of the beta-glucan fibre shown to help lower cholesterol. And with half of Canadians 20 years of age …