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Cozy up with the kids on the weekends and cook together!

No reminders here why we need to get kids into the kitchen to help cook just recipes to help get that process started!

Best of all these recipes will be winners for healthy school lunches so not only are you teaching food skills but also getting one more lunch made ahead of time in the process.

Get your kids craving healthy with these naturally nutrient rich recipes made with wholesome food proudly produced by farmers here in  Canada.

Remember to balance the lunch out with a serving of fruit and veggie and some dairy too perhaps a fruity yogurt dip to go with those apple slices.

I’d love to hear what recipes you try and how your kids like them!

Check it out: Back to School E-Recipe Booklet



Download “Back to School E-Recipe Booklet” Back to School E-Recipe Booklet Sept 2017.pdf – 19 MB


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