Cobb-Style Salad Made From Leftover Beer-Soaked Beef Rotisserie Roast with Skillet Corn
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Serves: 1
Kids Cook! Get your kids involved in the kitchen by having them help out with this recipe. Here’s what they can do!* Have kids help wash and tear lettuce. And if you have a salad spinner have them go at it. They'll love it! They can also shred or crumble cheese, assemble the salad and if the egg is cool enough, peel it and add it to the salad. Done!
  • leftover Beer-Soaked Beef Rotisserie Roast , slivered
  • leftover Skillet Corn, cut off the cob
  • 1 hard-boiled egg
  • cheese (cheddar, bocconcini, feta, crumbled blue cheese)
  • romaine lettuce
  • grape tomatoes
  • ranch dressing
  1. Pack up all the makings of a cobb salad that you can assemble at lunchtime: slivers of rotisserie roast beef, corn cut off the cob, a hard-boiled egg, crumbled blue cheese, romaine lettuce, grape tomatoes and a ranch dressing.
Please Note
*All “Kid’s Cook!” ideas herein are meant as a guide only. You know what your child can safely manage. Make sure they know and understand your rules for working in the kitchen safely and always supervise kids in the kitchen.
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