Roasted Squash Burritos
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 1
Dietitian's Tip: Use no-added salt beans in this recipe. If you can’t find them that’s OK draining and rinsing the regular canned variety still removes a considerable 40% of the sodium

*Kids Cook: Kids are more likely to eat a wrap they have helped to make.
  1. Follow our 3 simple steps
  2. (ingredients are in bold)

  3. Step One
  4. On to a large whole-wheat flour tortilla, spread about ¼ cup EACH cooked shredded squash and canned beans (refried or any type you have on hand, rinsed).

  5. Step Two
  6. Add a heaping spoonful EACH of mashed avocado, shredded cheddar cheese,
  7. sour cream and chopped cilantro.

  8. Step Three
    Roll to wrap.
Cheese swap

• Try swapping out cheddar cheese for Queso Fresco (means “fresh cheese”) a white, salty cheese used in Mexican cooking.

Try a tostada instead

• Also try putting all the same elements on to a tostada instead of a whole grain wrap.

*All “Kids Cook!” ideas are meant as a guide only. You know what your child can safely manage. Make sure they understand your rules for safely working in the kitchen. Always supervise kids in the kitchen and have fun!
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