Roast Beef with Peppercorn Wine Sauce
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Serves: 10 servings
Kids Cook! Get your kids involved in the kitchen by having them help out with this recipe. Here’s what they can do!*With this recipe, you might just have kids watch the process. Teach them how to season the roast by having them watch you insert the garlic slivers. If they like to get their hands dirty, as kids usually do, have them help you rub the roast with salt and pepper.

Dietitian's Tip: We always hear buy lean meats but what does that mean? I like to simplify it this way - if beef looks lean, it is lean. If you see fat, trim it. Trimmed of fat, all beef is lean. I find that is much more practical advice than rhyming off the leanest cuts of beef but in case you like lists, here you go: eye of round, inside round, sirloin tip, top sirloin, flank, strip loin, cross rib, outside round.
  • 2 lb (1kg) Beef Oven Roast (e.g. Strip Loin, Rib and Top Sirloin)
  • 5 cloves garlic, cut into slivers
  • Sea salt and coarsely ground pepper
  • Peppercorn Wine Sauce (recipe follows)
  1. Cut shallow slits all over roast; insert garlic slivers into slits. Rub all over with coarse salt and pepper.
  2. Place, fat side up, on rack in shallow roasting pan (no water is necessary). Insert oven-safe meat thermometer into centre of roast, avoiding fat or bone.
  3. Oven-sear by placing uncovered roast in preheated 450°F (230°C) oven for 10 minutes.
  4. Reduce heat to 275°F (140°C). Cook until thermometer reads 145ºF (63ºC) for medium-rare, about 2 hours. Remove from oven.
  5. Place roast on cutting board; cover with foil and let stand for at least 15 minutes.
  6. Meanwhile, make Peppercorn Wine Sauce (recipe follows).
  7. Carve roast into thin slices and serve with hot sauce and Glazed Beets (recipe follows).
Lunch from leftovers

Make a Wrap! Kids often like their wraps filled with simple, familiar ingredients like beef, cheese and maybe BBQ sauce. Adults (and some kids too!) may be looking for a different flavour twist. Try: flavoured cream cheese, thinly sliced havarti and red pepper jelly, thinly sliced roast beef, drained coleslaw, shredded iceburg lettuce or arugula and toasted sunflower seeds.

Please Note
*All “Kid’s Cook!” ideas herein are meant as a guide only. You know what your child can safely manage. Make sure they know and understand your rules for working in the kitchen safely and always supervise kids in the kitchen.
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