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Canada Beef Taste and Terroir event
I was part of a fabulous Taste and Terroir media event at
Niagara College with Canada Beef.

Before I tell you about the event, I want to tell you about The Round Up app we were introduced to.

This free app (available from App Store or Google Play) takes the stress out of buying and cooking beef with handy how-to cooking videos (not just recipes) to help you create a healthy plate that’s sure to please the gang at home.

Canada Beef Taste Terroir event - in the vineyardAn invitation to learn how to better appreciate food
and the farmers who produce it- of course I said yes!

Here we are in the vineyards on campus with Chef Michael Olson sharing how the culinary program aims to offer a farm to wine glass experience (sign me up!).

As a registered dietitian, I was on hand to answer nutrition questions on behalf of Canada Beef. Beef is a whole naturally nutrient-rich food that anchors a healthy plate and thankfully the message is getting out that it’s far better to focus on cooking and eating at home with minimally processed foods than to focus on saturated fat. 


A great part of these media events is seeing old pals.

Here I am excited to congratulate a pal (Bea Bastedo) on her new bump and first baby on the way. She already knows beef is as an important first food for babies providing a rich source of bioavailable iron, critical for healthy growth and development.

Canada Beef Taste and Terroir Event

A guided beef and wine tasting

Chef Michael Olson (right) from Niagara College and Chef Marty Carpenter (left) from the Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence walked us through the tasting discussing how beef like wine is complex and has terroir. We explored how different cuts of beef offer varying intensities of flavour, juiciness and tenderness.

Canada Beef Taste and Terroir event beef-wine-pairing-tasting-beef-is-not-just-beefBeef and wine pairing tips (even I can remember!)

Pair leaner beef with a lighter bodied wine.

Pair fattier more flavourful cuts of beef with a full-bodied and flavourful wine.

Canada Beef Taste and Terroir event lunch After the beef -wine paring and a visit to the greenhouse,
we were served lunch.


Grilled Canadian Beef Striploin

with Zucchini and Corn Succotash, Salsa Verde, Beef Jus

I do crave the flavour of beef so not only was this nourishing serving up hunger-curbing protein, vitamins and minerals all for a modest number of calories but it was satisfying as well – both important in my books!

Canada Beef Taste and Terroir Event - dessert
I always say choose your “dispensible calories” wisely. This was a wise decision!

Expresso Chocolate Torte

White Chocolate Mousse

Milk Chocolate Ice Cream

Canada Beef Taste and Terroir EventCanadian beef and wine are highly esteemed the world over.

It all comes down to craftsmanship. Canadian ranchers have been honing their craft for some 300 years sharing wisdom through the generations from determining  the cattle breeds best suited to their land and climate region to animal care and preserving surrounding biodiversity.

Did you know?

One in three acres of agricultural land in Canada is not suitable for growing crops (think rocky and/or hilly land) but is suitable for grazing cattle. It’s no wonder ranching is a big part our cultural heritage in Canada.

Canada Beef Taste and Terroir Event photo with farmer

The star in this photo is the fellow to the right of me,  Will Sheard, farmer from Sunnymead Farm just north of Toronto in Caledon. I grabbed this big cow poster from a display for a photo. Someone thought I was making off with it and now I’m thinking maybe that would be cool in my kitchen!

I’ve been to Sunnymead Farm and I have even met Will’s dad. It was reassuring to see the care taken to raise the cattle and to be reminded that beef farming is highly regulated.  I remember leaving the farm feeling grateful we have caring responsible farmers who love this lifestyle and can ensure we have safe, affordable and nutritious beef produced close to home.



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