FREE Healthy School Lunch Recipe EBook

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Cozy up with the kids on the weekends and cook together! No reminders here why we need to get kids into the kitchen to help cook just recipes to help get that process started! Best of all these recipes will be winners for healthy school lunches so not only are you teaching food skills but also getting one more lunch …


Join the Culinary Dietitian’s Kitchen Party

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Celebrate Canada’s 150th with Dietitians coast to coast who know how to get your mojo back in the kitchen. We’ve got a FREE  recipe ebook that will make you CRAVE healthy. Are you ready to take a food tour across Canada with some of our best Culinary Dietitians? Here’s just sample of the recipes. Try the recipes and connect with …

spaghetti squash,

Spaghetti Squash with Herb Butter and Parmesan

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The Canadian Produce Marketing Association (Half Your Plate folks) hired me to work on a recipe and video series and I’m delighted to share it here with you! In the 90’s I worked in nutrition communications in the dairy industry (my first job!) and those were dark days when far too many health professional treated butter like a poison. We totally lost …

Trout sheet pan dinner with lunch leftovers

Dinner with enough leftovers for lunches- Speedy sheet pan trout dinner

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Trout dinner leftovers make a knock-out-of-the-park lunch! How can you easily get your recommended minimum two servings of fish per week? Make extra fish at dinner so you’ll have leftovers for lunch. Loaded with protein, vitamin D and omega-3 fats, trout makes a delicious and healthy lunch. Try trout in a: Grain bowl               …

Food Revolution Jamie Oliver Childhood Obesity

Jamie Oliver in Toronto to champion kids health

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  Jamie Oliver along with the Honourable Senator Nancy Greene Raine and members of the Stop Marketing to Kids Coalition held a panel discussion at the Evergreen Brick Works in Toronto on October 6th raising awareness for the urgent need for a comprehensive Canadian childhood obesity strategy that protects kids by making it easier everywhere kids live, learn and play to make healthy food and …

Vegetable, brown rice, egg fried rice

Easy Fried Rice

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As the end of the week approaches the odd bits and leftovers in the fridge may not inspire you with school lunch ideas but this might. Use leftovers to make fried rice for healthy school lunches. The idea for an easy, use what you have on hand style recipe started with a text from my son, “how do you make fried …

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5 Surprising Things to Know About Chickpeas – Quiz!

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Get the most out of your chickpeas. Do you know how? The tips offered in this quiz might surprise you.  Chickpeas are pulses. T/F? TRUE.  It’s International Year of Pulses but what the heck are they and how are they different than legumes? Legumes include: fresh beans and peas; peanuts, soybeans and; pulses which are dried beans, peas, lentils and …

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3 Must-try routines for back-to-school lunches

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Back-to-school lunches made easier Hey guys, Great summer? Awesome! I’ll cut to the chase because I know things are about to get real busy with back to school activities and we’re already feeling the time crunch. Am I right?! Our kids spend two-thirds of their day at school so of course what they eat matters and these 3 routines can …