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Carol Harrison RDMy passion is making healthy eating easier for busy families. As a mom with three kids, I know how easy it can be for the pressures of life to take over and fall short of eating food that nourishes and nurtures us to lead healthy and happy lives. I also know how to turn that around with small changes over time that really can make a difference.

As a registered dietitian I deliver a science-based approach that is ultimately down to earth and practical. I believe the secret to healthy eating is to make it delicious and help folks reconnect with the joy in cooking and eating together.

Happy cooking!

Carol Harrison RD

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Fresh thinking on the Freshman 15

Fresh thinking on the Freshman 15

I won’t be helping to pack lunches for one of my kids this fall. Yesterday I moved my son into residence at university where someone else will prepare all his food and he’s is fully in charge of deciding when, what and how much to eat and drink. And you can bet the Freshman 15 chatter is as active as it was when I was in university but is it for real?


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